Fountainhead Irrigation offers a complete range of irrigation and lighting services.  We provide service for newly developed projects as well as enhancements and repairs to existing systems.  We do small to large projects and all of our services are provided with professional, caring, and personalized attention to the detail you deserve.  We are committed to meeting all of your commercial, residential and athletic facility needs and exceeding your expectations in all we do.

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Your Vision…Our Design             

We provide creative irrigation and lighting ideas that add value and appeal to you property.  Our goal is to exceed our customer’s expectations and create an end product that is far beyond what you envisioned.  Fountainhead Irrigation can take your project from design stage to completion.

It’s About Quality…

Irrigation for small or large,residential, commercial, or athletic. Sound judgment backed by years of experience along with a strong sense of pride in the final outcome is the basis of every decision made throughout the design/build process. Fountainhead Irrigation can design and build irrigation and lighting systems that will enhance your home or business landscape and increase your property value for years to come.

Fit Your Budget…

We will enhance your new or existing project at a cost to fit your budget.  We can help create a plan that not only meets your needs and wants, but also your budget.  Fountainhead Irrigation combines a great design with high quality workmanship that will eliminate water waste and keep your plants looking great year-round.  Our lighting design will showcase your home and lawn while providing added security.

Outdoor Lighting
Our experienced staff combines art and technology to design and build a lighting system to highlight your home and landscape turning it into a work of art.  Through the use of Accent Lighting, Path Lighting or Spread Lighting we will satisfy your lighting needs.

Extend Your Time Outdoors
Nightscaping increases your ability to use and enjoy your home into the evening hours.  Our lighting solutions allow you to enjoy your pool, patio or garden well beyond the daylight hours adding function and value to your property.

Outdoor lighting adds visibility in low light areas giving a needed sense of security.  Outdoor lighting also provides safe passage along pathways, sidewalks and steps.


Managing the ebb and flow of water as a resource for your site.  It is not just about throwing water around, it’s about managing an efficient uniform delivery of water per each separate micro climate with consideration of the need for water determined by weather and plant species.  Delivering the correct amount at the right time.

  • Central control
  • Flow management
  • Level sensors and control
  • Weather stations, rain/freeze sensors
  • Drainage
  • Water collection Cisterns
  • Wet wells
  • Pump system and controls
  • Water sense
  • LEED
  • ET systems
  • ET managed
  • ET evapostransiration
  • Water auditing
  • Pressure control regulating compensating
  • Flow metering
  • Sub meterinig
  • Moisture sensorrs
  • Drip, micro, xerigation
  • Rainwater harvesting

Water features add dimension to your landscape with soothing sounds and visual stimulation.  A water feature can be a centerpiece making a major statement or a simple addition adding that special touch.

Drainage/Storm Water Solutions

Poor drainage can cause property damage
and lead to plant death just as much as a lack of water.  Both situations can make your land unusable.  Fountainhead Irrigation can provide the following solutions that will meet your needs.

  • French drains
  • Grading
  • Channel drains
  • Area and surface drains
  • Sumps/sump pump installation and replacement
  • Dry wells
  • Rain gutter/downspout tie-in to drains

Why Choose us

Fountainhead Irrigation is a family owned and operated business serving Maryland, Virginia and DC since 2001.  We are the premier irrigation and lighting experts in the metropolitan area.  We realize you have many choices for your irrigation and lighting services and that is why Fountainhead Irrigation has worked hard to to build our reputation based upon understanding your goals and providing quality results that will exceed your expectations.  We understand that one of your biggest and most important investments is your home or business.  We utilize your objectives and lifestyle as well as the specific needs of your property to create irrigation and lighting recommendations for your landscape that will provide beauty and function while adding value to your home or property.


Chris came out the other day and replaced two broken sprinklers and adjusted several others. He also located a leak in one of the main feed lines and repaired that. He was extremely friendly and professional. He did not hesitate to answer any questions I had. I would definitely use Fountainhead Irrigation in the future.

Bill Palmer

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